“Have faith and try and change the world”
- Lord Philip Gould


The Green Product Award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and Start-ups.

In a second wave Creators with new concepts are also welcome to join. For the best ones, there will be aid to realize the concept in Germany and Asia.

Hosted since 2014, we can proudly look back to submissions from more than 40 countries. At international fairs and design festivals, there were more than 520.000 visitors alone in years 2015 and 2016.

Our Green Network is a comprehensive platform for a ‘green’ knowledge exchange. We link a network of designers, producers and experts together, and assist them in the development and marketing of tomorrow’s products. It is time for better, Green Products and Services! 

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 For existent solutions and services                                                                        

For all submitters of products and services

  1. Basic Check-up (Design, Innovation, Sustainability)
  2. Point-based feedback
  3. Listing in the marketing-database

For participants of the Selection and the Winners

  1. Green Product Award Seal and the right to promote with this seal
  2. Presentation at the award exhibition & Option to take part in additional fairs
  3. Portrait in the Green Product Book
  4. Pre-qualification for the shopping list of the Chinese government (until 2020, the List needs to have 10.000 green products)
  5. Option to sell product on Avocadostore for 12 months without basic fees (Reception fee and monthly market place fee will not be charged) worth 245€
  6. Integration to PR and publication through our Media Partners
  7. Presentation in the online gallery for one year including translation (German/English/Chinese)
  8. A press text of the submission
  9. Participation in the public-voting award
  10. Certificate with point-based feedback from our Jury
  11. Registered participants receive a guideline to construct their submission
 For concept-submissions into the idea-bank                                                                    

We see ourselves as a place, in which green Ideas are being refined and mediated, so that they can go to the market. As a networker, we are intensively committing ourselves for the best concepts, and are involved in case of success. From initial financing in Germany to licensing in Asia.

Participants with new concepts will be provided a guideline to document and refine their concepts. The guideline is based on cooperation together with the Institute for Quality and Sustainability Management.

  • Every participant receives a certificate with a point-based feedback. Preselected ones receive a pre-feedback for refinement. The best 20 concepts will be invited to pitch appointments of our venture-network
  • For a fee we also assist participants in protecting issues (design right and patent) and utilization of the concept, as well as in crowd funding.

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Green Product Award 2018

Jan-March 2018

Preparation-Events & Workshops

31st March 2018

Deadline for Submissions

14th April 2018

Determination of the Green Selection (Finalists)

01st July 2018

Publication of the Jury-Winners

10th July 2018

Start of Online Voting for Audience Award

31st July 2018

Deadline for concepts

21st Aug 2018

Preselection of the concepts

10th Sep  2018

Selection of the concept finalists

21th Oct 2018

Pitch presentations of the concepts

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The participation in the award competition is subject to charges. The fees for submission and selection ensure the realization on a high professional level.

Start-ups will be charged with favorable conditions to ease their participation. We also support concept submitters by waiving their fees.  

  Kind of submission Fee Start-ups* Established firms

(existing products/services)

Submission 90,- Euro 190,- Euro
Green Selection 390,- Euro 790,- Euro
(visualized concepts, prototypes)
 The submission of concepts is for students free of charge. Since we want to realize many good concepts, we proceed upon the Service for Equity principle. 

All fees are payable per submission and displayed without value-added tax (net prices).          

*Start-ups are companies, whose formation dates back no more than two years at the time of submission.

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Sustainable products and services are searched in the following categories – No matter, if there are already on market or not. We’re looking forward to receiving outstanding contributions!

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  • Architecture

    Category for material, products and systems that support a sustainable architecture.

  • Communication

    We are looking for sustainable packaging design, displays, campaigns, websites, etc.

  • Consumer Electronics

    We are searching for sustainable washing machines, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, TV accessories, loudspeakers, headphones, control systems, measuring instruments, apps, and much more…

  • Energy

    This category is for sustainable energy supply, innovative technology that uses clean energy forms, resourceful energy-saving strategies and so on.

  • Consumer Goods

    Food, beverage, hygiene products, detergents, polishing or cleaning products, and much more…

  • Fashion

    Whether High Fashion gadget, leger/sporty outfit or accessory – This is the place for clothing, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, and much more…

  • Freestyle

    To think in terms of categories means to think in a limited way? For submissions that don’t fit into any pattern.

  • Furniture

    This is the category for living concepts and services as well as sofas, chairs, tables, wardrobes and all kinds of living room, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

  • Home Accessories

    Little objects with great effects – home decor and accents. This is the section for all kinds of sustainable accessories that make you feel at home.

  • Kids

    Children discover the world with all their senses. This is the category for sustainable learning concepts, toys, children's clothes, prams, balance bikes, kids’ furniture and much more...

  • Mobility

    Sustainable mobility concepts and services guide our way into the future. This category is open for vehicles and transportation systems of all kind, as well as products, services and applications for transport and tourism sectors and their components industry, and much more…

  • Office

    At least 30% of the day people spend their time at their workplace – a place with various possibilities for sustainable change. From the smallest working material via workstation equipment/gear to fitment and finally to entire buildings.

  • Research

    The foundations for new products and services are often laid in research or pilot schemes. This is the category for researchers and pioneers presenting new materials, machines, medical technologies and engeneering procedures.

  • University

    Category for student submissions

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All the contributions will be revised in the categories design, innovation and sustainability. For that purpose two blocks have been developed: The first one is for judging the overall impression and the second one is for the three aspect-specific evaluations. The sum of these evaluations will make the winner.

Important note: It is obvious, that there is no criteria fitting absolutely every product or service listed here. The listed criteria are therefore meant to be understood as an impulse.

Overall Evaluation
Approach – Here originality, feasibility and relevance of the submission are evaluated.
Development – The development of the idea, its realization and – if applicable – existing certifications are assessed.

Impact – Here, environmental effects, impact of the production conditions as well as the submissions’ potential for dissemination are taken into consideration.

Subjectspecific Evaluation
Design – Excellent design speaks for itself. The criteria are: Aesthetics, consumer friendly functionality, economic and ecologic ideas, the intertwining of product and packaging and the quality of communication on sustainability with the consumer will be evaluated.

Innovation – Here, the level of innovation of submissions is evaluated. The following aspects will go into play: The originality of the idea itself and how it satisfies consumer needs in a better way. Also the submission will be reviewed as to which extent it is innovative in the fields of business, society or technology. With these concepts an additional focus is set to the business model.

Sustainability – First of all, the contributions will be examined along all phases of the lifecycle (from conception, pre-production, production, distribution, usage, after usage). Information about special materials as well as information about the production conditions will be considered.

We look forward to new ideas!

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Mentors & Jury

Two mentors are accompaning the Award and it´s participants - Kerstin Andreae and Professor Dr. Martin Jänicke

Next to that we have been able to bring together a panel of judges of distinguished, experienced experts. They will use their expertise to appraise the entries.


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  • Susanne Tamborini-Liebenberg
    Susanne Tamborini-Liebenberg, Chefredakteurin der Fachzeitschrift md INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE aus dem Hause Konradin, begleitet seit mehr als drei Jahrzehnten kritisch das Branchengeschehen und die internationalen Strömungen von zeitgenössischem Interior, Design und Architektur. „Die Förderung von nachhaltigen Produkten ist mir ein persönliches Anliegen und wird künftig intensiveren Niederschlag in unseren Kommunikationskanälen finden“, kommentiert die studierte Literaturwissenschaftlerin ihr Engagement für den Green Product Award.

    Susanne Tamborini-Liebenberg, Editor-in-Chief of professional journal md INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE published by Konradin, has critically overseen what has been happening in the industry and international trends in contemporary interior, design and architecture for over three decades now. "Encouraging the use of sustainable products is a matter close to my heart, and it will be reflected to a greater extent in our means of communication in future", says Tamborini-Liebenberg, a former student of literary science, commenting on her commitment to the Green Product Award.

  • Xin Liu, Tsinghua University
    Vice Director in Tsinghua University, Art and Science Research Center, Sustainable Design Institute. Xin Liu, Dr. Design Art, graduated from College of Art & Design, Beijing University of Technology, in 1987. In 2006, he started to teach in Tsinghua University. His main research is on “Sustainable Design”,“User Research”, “Product Service System Design” and “Comprehensive Modeling Foundation”. In 2008, as Chinese coordinator, he participated LeNS (The Learning Network on Sustainability) Asia-Europe Sustainable Design teaching cooperation project. He founded LeNS-China China Sustainable Design Learning Network. In 2009, with Art and Design Department, Tongji University and 5 other famous design departments in China, they founded DESIS-China Social Innovation and Sustainable Design Alliance, China Branch together. At the same time, he was the principle of DESIS International Alliance Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. In 2012, he was selected as Education Ministry “New Century Excellent Talents in University”.
  • Professor Martin Charter, The Centre for Sustainable Design
    Professor Martin Charter MBA FRSA is the Founding Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design ® at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) that was established in 1995. Martin has more than 29 year’s experience in a wide range of topics related to sustainable business with particular expertise in sustainable innovation and product sustainability. Martin has sat on many international expert committees and advisory boards including P&G, Interface, World Resources Forum and Eco-innovation Observatory. He is the organiser of the Sustainable Innovation series of international conferences that is now in its 21st year. Martin has authored research on new ‘green’ business models, sustainable innovation, product design and remanufacturing and marketing & sustainability.
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke
    The Green Product Award is under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke. Prof. Dr. Jänicke is Founding Director of the Environmental Policy Research Centre at Freie Universität Berlin and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam. He was political advisor for the German Chancellery, the Senate of Berlin and the Chinese government. Jänicke was member of the German Council of Environmental Advisors, the Enquete Committee „Growth, Prosperity and Quality of Life", the Board of Trustees of the German Federal Environmental Foundation, and the German Commission for UNESCO as well as member of the National Committee on Global Change Research. He was working on publications for the IPPC, is member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the magazine "Umweltpolitik und Umweltrecht" and has received several awards for his engagement in nature conservation and sustainable research.
  • Anja Grothe
    Dr. Anja Grothe was professor for Environmental Management (1993-2008) and today is professor for Sustainability Management at HWR Berlin. She has established the study programs Business Engineering in Environmental Science and Sustainability and Quality Management, and was (also) therefore honoured with the environmental award BAUM in 1998. She is co-founder of the Institute for Sustainability at HWR and of SUSTAINUM Consulting. Grothe is working in research projects such as Berlin Network for Innovation and Sustainability. She is member of the scientific advisory council at BAUM e.V., IÖW and member of the advisory board at "Fellows for Sustainability" as well as mentor for „Dream Mentorenprogramm“ at FU Berlin.
  • Katja Lucas, Dutch Design Week
    Katja Lucas, program manager, has been working for Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven since 2003. She studied at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. During her studies she developed a passion for design and collaborations. Katja Lucas has extensive management experience in design projects and programs. She has contributed to the success of Dutch Design Week, the event that is nationally and internationally recognized as the leading design event in Europe. Last year it attracted 275000 visitors and offered a platform for 2500 designers with over 475 events. Meanwhile, the last 9 years she is responsible for the content and quality of the program. She scouts and invites designers and strengthens the events by making the right connections. Katja Lucas among others was also responsible for several exhibitions at the Design House Eindhoven commissioned by Dutch Design Foundation. She cooperates in the online international design platform Dutch Design Daily’s, and is a member of the advisery board of TEDxEindhoven. She now attents LinC (Leadership in the Cultural sector), a learning programme for cultural professionals.
  • Kiersten Muenchinger, University of Oregon
    Kiersten Muenchinger is an Associate Professor in the Product Design Program and a principle in the Green Product Design Network at the University of Oregon. Muenchinger researches and teaches the intersection of materials, manufacturing and design with an emphasis on sustainability tactics and metrics. Her research utilizes Kansei engineering principles to measure how consumers perceive the sustainability of materials. She will integrate her teaching and research at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the spring of 2016 as a Fulbright scholar. Kiersten was the Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) Young Educator of the Year in 2011, and one of the Design Intelligence 30 Most Admired Educators for 2015. Before joining UO, Kiersten was a design engineer with IDEO, Fitch, Sottsass Associatti, and Walt Disney Imagineering.
  • Julius Wiedemann, TASCHEN Publishing
    Anyone who wants to have a picture of contemporary sustainable product design must not neglect to read the book, "Product Design in the Sustainable Era" from the TASCHEN-publishing house. Here, Julius Wiedemann shows a variety of approaches for sustainable products. We, too, found in the book the impetus to launch this award, which we hope will continue this inspiring appraisal. Julius Wiedemann was born in Brazil, where he has studied design and marketing, and has lived and worked in Japan, Germany and in the UK. He accumulates the positions of Executive Editor for Design and Pop Culture, as well as Director for Digital Publications at TASCHEN Publishing House. He has edited over 40 books in over 10 years, is a regular contributor to magazines, and has been in the jury of several international awards. Wiedemann’s publications have sold over 1,5 million copies worldwide and among his most popular titles are "Information Graphics", "Product Design in the Sustainable Era", the series "Illustration Now!", "Logo Design", "Japanese Graphics Now!", and books about record covers and web design.
  • Meike Weber, detail Magazine Publisher
    Hon. Prof. Meike Weber is the publishing and general manager at the “Institut für internationale Architektur-Dokumentation” and responsible for the development and implementation of new strategies and business models, as well as for the editorial department “Architektur und Design”. As Senior Vice President Business Development of DETAIL research and DETAIL transfer, she has established an interdisciplinary platform for the future of building and coordinates cooperation among industry and architecture. She is also a consultant and gives lectures for companies such as BMW, Bulthaup, for foundations, startups and universities. Weber organized and was head of the communication department for HENN architects and is board member and consultant in several architecture associations. She is also member of the advisory board for i.a. Hannover and Munich fair, Nestlé Future Forum, and gained several awards for her publishing goods.
  • Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Lund University Sweden
    Claus-Christian Eckhardt was appointed in 2001 as professor and director of Lund University School of Industrial Design in Sweden. He studied industrial design at the Braunschweig University of Art. After graduating, he worked for Silvestrin Design, Blaupunkt and Bosch, where later he became head of design. He led the design activities of Tenovis and Avaya. He also a freelance designer since 2000.
  • Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation
    In various roles as an innovation consultant, product developer, engineer and designer in industry, science and innovation funding, Dr. Sascha Peters looks back at nearly 20 years of professional experience, which he employs for his clients in the automotive industry, the construction business as well as architecture and design. Since 1997, he has led research projects and product development at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Aachen, was deputy head of the Design Centre in Bremen and head of Modulor GmbH’s Material Competence Center. Dr. Sascha Peters is the author of numerous publications for prestigious publishers like Springer and Birkhäuser publisher for scientific books. He gives lectures worldwide and conducts workshops on innovative materials, sustainable product development and energy technologies. The Agency HAUTE INNOVATION founded by Sascha Peters offers innovation management for material-intensive product development and application development for innovative materials.
  • Tina Kammer, Interior Park
    Tina Kammer follows the developments in the sustainability scene for more than 25 years. As cabinet maker she gained her solid knowledge about materials and their processing. Working after her studies for an award winning architectural office in London, she realized projects for Warner Brothers in India as well as international hotel projects. With focus on corporate architecture she was responsible for international projects for BMW, MINI and IBM. At HUGO BOSS headquarter she developed shop concepts of different labels and was responsible for international markets. In 2010, she has founded her own company InteriorPark together with Andrea Herold. They offer a unique combination of high-quality design solutions in architecture, interior spaces and communication. The online shop shows a breathtaking array of the very finest modern design pieces. In September 2014, the first store has opened its doors in Stuttgart where a curated selection is presented. She gives lectures, workshops and works as a consultant for DGNB. Her architectural projects focus on healthy indoor environment, sustainable design concepts and communication solutions.
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Flamme, Münster University of Applied Sciences
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Flamme teaches and researches in the areas of resource and material flow management. She coordinates research projects on urban mining and is currently dealing mainly with the subject of resources in electrical appliances and buildings as well as infrastructure. She also deals with qualities of waste fuels and directs the Office of Secondary Fuels and Recycled Wood. She leads the Convention Waste Economics in Münster, Germany.
  • Michael Weber, PTJ
    Michael Weber has been working for Project Management Jülich in the sustainability research management department for almost ten years now. He is head of the Department of Sustainability Strategy and EU environmental research. That's why he is aware of a wide range of topics concerning innovative ideas and solutions. After his opinion, sustainable innovation should be seen primarily in the development of a social action - that's how we can keep and even improve the quality of life for ourselves and future generations.
  • Anna Theil, startnext
    Anna Theil joined Startnext in 2010 and is responsible for communication. She studied Communication Sciences and Media Studies. Previously she worked at DOK Leipzig, the International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.
  • Mimi Sewalski,
    As Managing Director of the online market place, Mimi Sewalski is always on the look-out for new product ideas. She has been working with many sustainable start-ups from their beginning and helps them with online presence in brand building and product development. offers more than 45.000 green products from 300 retailers from all over Germany. All the products offered must meet at least one of the sustainability criteria set by Mimi Sewalski studied Sociology and Criminology in Munich. In 2005 she moved to Israel and worked there in a high-tech start-up in the eCommercials sector as a marketing and sales manager for the German and English market. At the same time, she became involved in the plastics recycling sector in Tel Aviv. In 2009, she arrived in Hamburg. After several years in advertising, she decided to specialise from henceforward in sustainable products for customers interested in sustainability. Since 2011, she is part of Together with her team, she is constantly in touch with sustainable retailers, new products and most importantly, the requirements and expectations of the end consumer.
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