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22.01.2018, 15:30

“the Next Step” Green Product Award 2018

5 years of Green Product Award – A reason for us to make „the next step”

The most important changes:

  1. New Award-Shop, to market selected submissions under the umbrella of the Green Product Award.
  2. We kicked the submission fees, to make sure, that you only pay for selection-services!
  3.  Selected submissions will be published on md DESIGN INTERIOR & ARCHITECTURE
  4. New jurors, more feedback  – each product in the selection gets a feedback from three jurors
  5. Separate Call for students & graduates including workshop-support

After exhibitions Berlin, Köln, Leipzig, Stockholm, Shanghai and Shenzhen we have an outstanding new exhibition opportunity.

Following the central idea „the next step“, the Green Product Award 2018 is looking for innovative, sustainable products and Services in 13 categories: Architecture, Office-world, Energy, Electronics, Fashion, Research & Materials, Freestyle, Kids, Communikation, Consumer  Goods, Mobility, Furniture und Accessories.

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The submission for Award 2018 has been started!

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