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25.06.2014, 12:30

You know that dreaded feeling you get when you try to spend quality time away in the great outdoors, but your phone battery doesn’t? Well, a novel gadget might be your new best friend.

19.05.2014, 14:39

Is the water drinkable or not? Many travelers ask themselves this question – and not entirely unjustly. If you want to be independent of disposable bottles and foreign judgments, there is now a suitable solution.

14.05.2014, 18:06

We all have childhood memories of stepping too close to a patch of nettles and coming home with a stinging rash, so why on earth would anyone want to sit on it?

STING cleverly stands for “Sustainable Technology in Nettle Growing”.

29.04.2014, 18:10

GravityLight is a non-profit product development organisation that designs and creates clean, off-grid energy solutions.

12.09.2013, 13:19

No sleight-of-hand with a double base: the "Life" paper bottle from designer Andrea Ponti makes plastic bottles look passé.

09.09.2013, 13:10

How to prepare for the devastating effects of global warming and the increase of parched, dried up landscapes? Young inventor Jin-wook Hwang, a Korean industrial designer, has developed an ingenious weapon for the fight against the desertification of formerly fertile soil: the Seedbomb.

27.05.2013, 10:47

In september 2012 Hansgrohe showcased a collection of fixtures that uses an ultra-efficient water jet technology. The Design was developed in collaboration with french designer Philippe Starck.

24.05.2013, 13:43

Berlin-based label ic! berlin has been producing unconventional and sustainably designed glasses since 1997.

20.02.2013, 10:49

The joint effort of waste paper producer Södra, research and development company Innventia and Swedish designers Claesson, Koivisto and Rune led to the development of the Parupu Chair, a sustainable and colourful piece of children’s furniture.

05.02.2013, 12:16

While still at university, Raphael Stäbler and some of his fellow students were already working on a brilliant business idea that would bring a non-toxic and biodegradable solution to everyday food storage needs.

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