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02.07.2014, 15:28

Products and packaging that grow naturally? What sounds odd is already a reality for ecovative design in the U.S. Fungi and agricultural by- products form the basis for an innovative, sustainable material...

16.05.2014, 18:22

Terracotta, meaning „cooked earth“, has been used in various structures such as roofing, chimneys, walls and dishware for hundreds of years. The century old material has been revamped however, with designers transforming the chameleon into cool bottles and even air conditioning!

14.05.2014, 18:06

We all have childhood memories of stepping too close to a patch of nettles and coming home with a stinging rash, so why on earth would anyone want to sit on it?

STING cleverly stands for “Sustainable Technology in Nettle Growing”.

09.09.2013, 13:10

How to prepare for the devastating effects of global warming and the increase of parched, dried up landscapes? Young inventor Jin-wook Hwang, a Korean industrial designer, has developed an ingenious weapon for the fight against the desertification of formerly fertile soil: the Seedbomb.

16.07.2013, 16:54

The word ‘green’ has been associated with environmentalism and ecology since the 1970s. The term green design appeared in the scientific press a decade later and was used as an umbrella term for various ecological concepts such as recycling, resource conservation and clean, safe, and...

14.06.2013, 10:59
Interview with Dr Martin Lichtl of Lichtl Ethics & Brands. (Image: white lobster)

Dr Lichtl has been a recognised authority on environmental communication for over 15 years and is the CEO of Ethics & Brands, a communications agency specialising in sustainability.

25.05.2013, 14:29
Interview with Professor Fink of the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Polymer Research. (Image: white lobster)

Professor Fink is a recognised authority on polymer research. A trained physicist, Fink worked at the Institute of Polymer Chemistry at the Scientific Academy of the GDR between 1975 and 1992.

15.05.2013, 13:03
Interview with Dr Andreas Schütte and Katja Schneider of the Sustainable Resources Agency. (Image: white lobster)

Dr Schütte is president of the European Renewable Raw Materials Association (ERRMA) and CEO of the Sustainable Resources Agency (FNR).

15.05.2013, 12:54
Interview with Professor Hirth at the Fraunhofer Institute of Boundaries and Bioprocess Engineering. (Image: white lobster)

Professor Hirth is head of the Sustainability Network at the Fraunhofer Society.

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