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03.12.2017, 09:05

Green Products for China

Business forum for entrepreneurs and designers

In the current Chinese five-year plan, GREEN is one of the five central themes. To this end, the Chinese government has set up several programs, such as the sourcing of 10,000 green products, which will become the official shopping list of the Chinese government from 2020 onwards. It is also planned to set up international green design centers, to locate German companies, to license international patents, and much more.

On March 8, we will give an overview of the programs and show application-oriented options on how German companies can participate in this program and what support they can receive in this way. In addition, experts report on their experiences and activities in the Chinese market. The target group are companies and designers who want to enter the Chinese market with their products and patents. The Business Forum is a cooperation with INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE with the Green Product Award, Bavaria Design and is the official program of the Munich Creative Business Week 2018.


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