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25.04.2016, 12:40

Green Product Selection released! 

25.04.2016, 10:11

Nutritious Solutions develops sustainable lifestyle products for health-conscious people.

22.04.2016, 17:49

A three-wheeled pedelec, representing an environmentally friendly alternative to small cars in urban space.

17.04.2016, 10:29

A traditional string-bag as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags

15.04.2016, 16:48

BAUX Accoustic Products are well designed sustainable accoustic wall panels 

15.04.2016, 10:38

A city kitchen which enables people to prepare food that they bring to the kitchen

14.04.2016, 14:18

Chocolate bars which are rich in essential nutrients

14.04.2016, 10:49

A portable WC made out of recycled polyethylene and a biodegradable coconut-fibre composit

14.04.2016, 10:47

A foldable holiday house adapted to the concept of green environmental protection

14.04.2016, 10:42

Creating an own personalized natural deodorant

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