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09.07.2014, 14:40

If you’re looking to take the social, ecological and economic aspects of your product to a higher level or to optimise your company’s services, the OVAM SIS Toolkit might be suitable in offering guidance for you to add or create value where you need it.

18.06.2014, 12:43

Chocolate cake or fruit salad? Only seemingly an easy decision! The difference between the actual and best decision is huge. A tool exists, which explains why and how designers can influence this decision.

04.06.2014, 09:50

Imagine how often we would have left our bank cards in the jaws of Mr. ATM if an annoying red light hadn't blinked at us a few times! The Design with Intent Method is an innovation tool for designers to apply to everyday human-product interaction problems.

15.05.2014, 15:33

Sustainable consumption is one of the big topics nowadays, but how can suitable products be developed and how can the transformation process be initiated on a corporate level? The "Design for Sustainability" method at the TU Delft offers interesting approaches - for large and small businesses....

02.09.2013, 10:23

A new book by Steven McCarthy, the US professor of Graphic Design, about the role of the designer in communication and visual culture.

30.07.2013, 16:26

The cradle to cradle-concept concerns the cyclic use of resources, with five criteria as a basis for certification: social responsibility, re-use of materials, management of the materials loop, renewable energies and parsimonious use of water.

26.07.2013, 14:21

After green design and ecodesign, sustainable design and design for sustainability are the third step in sustainable product development. Here the focus is clearly directed beyond the product itself, so that the term, sustainability, has to be understood as a...

23.07.2013, 09:21

The CO2 footprint calculates the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions caused by the use of energy by people, countries, the extraction of materials, products, services and other actions in our everyday lives. 

18.07.2013, 12:53

Ecodesign describes the response to far-reaching questions about integration of environmental considerations as early as the product design and product development stage. The term thus covers the optimisation of a product throughout the entirety of its life cycle, the minimisation of...

16.07.2013, 16:54

The word ‘green’ has been associated with environmentalism and ecology since the 1970s. The term green design appeared in the scientific press a decade later and was used as an umbrella term for various ecological concepts such as recycling, resource conservation and clean, safe, and...

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