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11.11.2017, 14:31

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Consumer Goods"
Delicious comfort foods that just happen to be 100% plant-based

23.06.2016, 11:12

The most awaited award results are finally out and we are proud to publish the official professional- and newcomer-winners as well as the best student work.

14.04.2016, 09:57

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Research/Materials"
Transforming office chairs from Giroflex into aesthetic climatic miracles

13.04.2016, 18:22

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Office"
Healthy Nomada is modular standing desk which allows working while standing and sitting

13.04.2016, 17:47

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Mobility"
MVG Mietradsystem
is a rental bike system that extends the public mobility offer of the city and provides a complete concept for individual and independent travel

13.04.2016, 17:39

Winner (Newcomer) in the category "Mobility"
The Kiezkaufhaus is an online shop in which local retailers and producers offer their products

13.04.2016, 17:13

Winner (Student) in the category "University"
Loop - Water Transport System is a smart solution for transporting water more efficiently in developing countries

13.04.2016, 16:33

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Lifestyle"
Dopper produces sustainable water bottles and supports safe drinking water projects worldwide

13.04.2016, 15:35

Winner (Newcomer) in the category "Kids"
Bionic Toys is the  world´s first construction toy designed to reproduce bionic principles

12.04.2016, 16:37


Winner (Newcomers) in the category "Home Accessories"
Flu is a system of flower pots for vertical gardens made of recycled rubber chip


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