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26.10.2017, 14:59

The 21st century is the era of people move frequently and change their living situation again and again. This brings a special need for a very flexible furniture, which still remains an emotional symbol of home. This became the core starting point of this design.

26.10.2017, 13:47

Following intensive research and experimentation, Atelier NL developed a unique method that allowed them to melt local 'wild' sand into unique objects of glass. The glass industry exclusively uses pure white sand for manufacturing glass.

26.10.2017, 13:44

Concrete is the most used and thus most important building material worldwide. The disadvantage of reinforced concrete is that the steel can corrode and result in considerable maintenance costs which amount to the costs for a replacing the whole construction.

26.10.2017, 13:33

RedSun innovative Infrared Gas Stove has reinvented the combustion mode to be flameless. This is a great breakthrough in the field. It can lower the emission of toxic and hazardous gases to nearly 0%,  consequently reducing pollutants in the household environment.

26.10.2017, 13:30

We are reinventing the entire solar panel concept to be truly sustainable.  Our integrated approach prioritizes renewable energy components including our material, supply-chain, manufacturing process and what types of stakeholders are involved in the project.

26.10.2017, 13:23

Reducing Diesel-Emissions to zero!  With its Hydrogen conversion kit for utility vehicles Keyou demonstrates how regular Diesel engines can be converted into emission free Hydrogen ones. Keyou's key components can be built into new vehicles or used as a conversion kit to install existing ones....

26.10.2017, 13:19

The density in public spaces like train stations, airports, and shopping malls is increasing. This causes a rapid growth of diseases spread by viruses and bacteria. One of the main points of common contact are escalator handrails. Hold Clean disinfects handrailing utilizing UV sterilization.

26.10.2017, 13:15

ANKER flooro. Aviation carpeting completely reconceived.

26.10.2017, 12:32

Freisicht offers the first adjustable solid wooden glasses. The patented modification of the wood enables the individual adjustment of the eyeglass frames on geometric facial planes. This innovation solves numerous problems of opticians.

26.10.2017, 12:28

Lilienthal Berlin watches are made with a distinguished design of the highest quality and have a sustainable background. Wherever possible, eco-friendly materials are used, like in the vegetable tanned natural leather from Germany for the straps.

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