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26.10.2017, 17:16

The placemats by Philippi are made of waxed wood. Almost as thin as paper, yet very sturdy, this waxed set of placemats is made from 2 layers of oak veneer which has a pleasant, smooth surface and can be kept clean dead easy. The product is a good alternative to traditional plastic mats!

26.10.2017, 15:52

CICA is a lamp created by a new material mix of paper pulp with concrete. It is a playful combination using their opposite characters of the two materials. With the variation of materials a gradual change of light transmittance was generated.

26.10.2017, 15:50

Chaoshou is a chair inspired by traditional Chinese Cuisine. The product consists only of a limited amount of materials. The textile part is made of felt, which is folded around a pillow in different layers to provide an ideal comfort.

26.10.2017, 15:48

Luffa is a genus of the cucumber family, native to Southeast Asia. Parts of fruit are edible, but most of it is waste. After dehydration and removal of the skin a kind of sponge remains. The texture of this kind of sponge is smooth and soft.

26.10.2017, 15:46

„The Upper Cycle“ is a new concept for a stackable shelving system made out of discarded pieces of used furniture. The unique feature of „The Upper Cycle“ is its concept of a simple and cost-saving system instead of high-priced one-offs.

26.10.2017, 15:43

The concept "Swarm Robotic" describes an autonomous robot swarm, which cleans biofouling off of cargo ships during the unloading and loading process in the port terminal. Biofouling increases the hydrodynamic resistance of the ship and leads to higher fuel consumption and higher costs.

26.10.2017, 15:40

Each year, several thousand wild boars are hunted in Switzerland. Almost exclusively the meat of the animals is used, every other part is disposed. The aim of the project is to use also the valuable skin.

26.10.2017, 15:38

MAXI is a printer-prototype for 3D objects in larger scale format, without the need of big machines. Equipped with motors and sensors, MAXI moves over the surface, while a laser is used as tool for melting and printing.

26.10.2017, 15:35

Printstone is answers the question “How do we print in the future?” The decreasing living space and raw materials make it necessary to think about new solutions. Home printers are large, the size is defined, by the size of the paper.

26.10.2017, 15:33

MycoTEX is a 100% biodegradable fabric out of mycelium - the root of fungi. And after usage you can simply bury the garment in the ground and it will decompose. Each garment is directly created on a mold based on the wearers’ size, so it will be perfectly fitting.

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