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26.10.2017, 15:33

MycoTEX is a 100% biodegradable fabric out of mycelium - the root of fungi. And after usage you can simply bury the garment in the ground and it will decompose. Each garment is directly created on a mold based on the wearers’ size, so it will be perfectly fitting.

26.10.2017, 15:29

Kaupunkikompostori - The City Composter is a timeless piece of furniture including a composter for a 1-2 persons household. Seen from the outside it is a modular bench-system, where elements can use elements as a planter, too.

26.10.2017, 15:25

Grow me is a planting kit mostly. Following a circular approach, coffee waste is the basic material. The material acts as an organic fertiliser and supports growers to plant their own food.

26.10.2017, 15:23

In the beverage industry, orange peels are disposed at a massive rate. This by-product generated from the process of fruit juice extraction is innately pliable and durable, thus presenting itself as a great leather alternative for handbag making.

26.10.2017, 15:20

As an interdisciplinary project, crafting plastics! studio (cp!s) offers unique collections of fashion accessories, which are characterized by the use of bioplastics and communicative designs.

26.10.2017, 15:17
Instant cup noodles are quick comfort food on the go. However, the cups (or bowls) are at least two thirds empty so that there will be enough room for hot water to cook the noodles later. This makes the product bulky and inefficient for delivery.
26.10.2017, 15:12

This new water bottle for Dopper is conceived for festivals. There are different options depending on the composition of the three-part bottle: it can serve as a lighting, functions as cup or bottle, has a strip for slinging and a quick-opening lid.

26.10.2017, 15:09

The Bechair seat is composed from a mixture of fallen leaves from trees and bio resin made from cooking oil waste, so it is nearly 100percent biodegradable. There is a skeleton of a chair, made in a way that it can survive for hundreds of years.

26.10.2017, 15:05

Bees pollinate more than 60% of the most important food plants worldwide. But the population continues to decline. This is to be counteracted by upcycling discarded office cabinets into urban beehives.

26.10.2017, 14:59

The 21st century is the era of people move frequently and change their living situation again and again. This brings a special need for a very flexible furniture, which still remains an emotional symbol of home. This became the core starting point of this design.

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