Green Product Award

Green Products 2022

Tempera Series South Korea

Tempera is made with discarded duck egg yolk

The Tempera Series was created with the inspiration of the ancient 'Tempera technique'. For this project, WKND Lab focuses on duck egg yolk discarded by the pharmaceutical industry. The yolk contains proteins, minerals, and oils which allow us to color and reshape them into biodegradable materials with unique textures. Tempera series consists of 65% duck egg yolk and the remaining 35% consists of pigments, natural fragrance oil, gelatin, thermosetting polymer for coating, and brass to hold candles. The Tempera series have environmental benefits because they use discarded materials, reduce significant amounts of energy consumption and CO2 generation in the making process compared to the conventional candle holder made with glass, ceramics, or metal by eliminating the usage of a kiln.

Company/Institution: WKND Lab
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