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Reusable toothpaste tube
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Laminar is a reusable toothpaste tube that replaces the disposable packaging of toothpaste with the added benefits of saving money and offering a more premium experience. The tubes are fluoride and dishwasher-safe and designed to work as a traditional syringe. When emptied, users can take their Laminar tubes to any ‘refill station’ at drugstores or no-packaging stores to fill the tubes with their favourite toothpaste.

Muthesius Kunsthochschule
Bashar Zapen
I'm an Industrial Medical and UX Designer who has worked on contemporary humanitarian and medical issues alongside topics such as mobility and sustainability. I love throwing myself into the deep end with every project I do. This exposes me to information and people that I'd never encounter otherwise, thus making the journey of each project incredibly exciting and captivating. My most recent work addresses the challenges of pediatric cardiac surgery training in economically and politically constrained areas.
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