Green Product Award 2022

Green Product Award


Get ennoblement for your solution

Since 2013, the Green Product Award distinguishes products and services, good in sustainability, innovation & design. It is aimed at products & services on the market from start-ups and established companies who wish to highlight their sustainable achievements.
Creators of visionary concepts - not on the market yet - head to the Green Concept Award.

The Green Product Award raises awareness & visibility through its own channels (7 million online contacts) and additionally with the media and trade fair partners in Germany.

Outstanding participants have a chance to become a Member of the Green Future Club to enhance their network.


Green Product Award


The categories are chosen along the themes of the leading fairs and publications to create the highest impact of change. Check the categories to know more. NEW: With the special calls we connect participants from different categories.

Green Product Award


Enjoy advantages from the very beginning after submission throughout the 3 award phases (pre-selection, nomination and winner). At each stage you get more comprehensive service packages and can unlock more to promote your award status. Click to see the Award-Portrait and service overview .

Universal Perks

1. Receive one of the Green Product Award Seals (Pre-Selection, Nominee or Winner) with unrestricted advertising rights.
2. Get digital exposure through our website and social media channels.
3. Integration in the Green Product Award website main gallery (1 year) & database (permanent).

Nominees & Winner Benefits

1. Eligibility to participate in the online public voting for the international Green Product Audience Award.
2. Evaluation and point based feedback by the international jury on design, innovation and sustainability.
3. Product features on partner websites e.g. on md INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE.
4. Upgrade for Consultation: Guidance from preparation to submission.
5. Upgrade for Extensions: Features in the annual Green Trend Book, social media boost, exhibition spots, ...
6. Upgrade for Communication: Let experts take your green achievement to the nice spots in the press jungle.
7. Become an exclusive member of the Green Future Club .

Green Product Award

Schedule 2021/2022

11.11.2021 Submission Deadline
13.12. 2021- 31.01.2022 Nominees Announcement, Jury & Audience Awards voting. Vote here for your favourite green product.
09.03. 2022 Award Ceremony & Exhibition start at IHM, Munich

EXTRAS: Special calls & Summit


Participation & Fees

The fees shown are valid for the 2022 submission phase ending November 11th. Reduced fees apply for a) early submissions b) start-ups and c) participants from lower-income countries. There are only two basic fee-types charged: 1. Submission Fee and 2. Pre-Selection Fee. There are no fees for registering in the system. Students can apply for the Green Concept Award free of charge.

Established companies:
Submission fee + Pre-Selection fee

200€ + 900€

Submission fee + Pre-Selection fee

100€ + 450€

Fees above are for the highest price zone per submission stated without VAT. -> Check Details for pricing.
Start-ups: founded within the last two years or where its turnover requires a second source of income.

May we introduce?

The Jury

An international jury of experienced experts will assess the submissions with their know-how and thus determine the winners. All nominees and winners receive an individual point based feedback.

Transparent but not limiting

The Criteria

The winners will be evaluated and determined based on general and subject-specific criteria.

In order to make it easier for you to highlight the special features of your submission, you can orient yourself on the criteria of the jury. The best way is to download our submission assistance here.

Overall rating

The originality, reproducibility and credibility are assessed.

Evaluated are the complexity of the analysis, the quality of the preparation and the way of implementation.

Consider the potential for environmental or social change.

Subject-specific reviews

This is about the design as an overall approach with the following criteria: aesthetics, user-friendly functionality, economic and ecological constructions, possibly the interaction of product and packaging. The quality of communication with the consumer about sustainability is also considered.

To assess the innovation, it is examined whether a problem / need (better) is solved, the scale of what is new and how relevant it is. When submitting concepts, there is an additional focus on the respective business model.

Assessment takes place along all phases of the life cycle (concept / pre-production, production, distribution, use, reuse). Information on the material used is considered separately, as well as information on the production conditions.